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Double Log Store with Single Door Storage

Width: 180cm

Depth: 75cm

Height: 163cm

The compact designed the double log storage unit with single door storage features an enclosed space to keep your logs safe and dry and compact design. The seamless slatted wood design is rustic and durable, whilst the depth of the storage unit offers significant space to store your wood logs.

Its pressure treated wood is and traditional design complement’s outhouses and garden sheds with ease whilst protected your logs from the winter weather – or indeed all year round.  

Its single door offers the opportunity to store wood logs in one section and any other fuel sources, for example coffee briquettes for optimal organisation. The open front section can be easily covered with tarpaulin if needed. 

You can maximise the space by splitting logs or sustainable fuel sources in two, and the free-standing log storage unit offers flexible storage options, either outdoors or indoors. 

Buy today for - £380 per unit 

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