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Coal Bunker Storage Solutions in Harrogate

Maintaining a warm and cosy home throughout the winter months in the UK is paramount, and if you rely on a stove as your heating system, you will understand the importance of correct fuel storage. At The Harrogate Log Store, we provide secure and efficient storage solutions for your coal, handcrafted and installed by our experienced team.

Why Choose a Coal Bunker?

Investing in one of our coal bunkers offers numerous benefits:

Peace of Mind: Coal is a valuable fuel, and keeping it safe from the elements is essential. Our bunkers protect your coal from rain, snow, wind, and moisture, ensuring it burns efficiently and lasts longer.

Preserving Quality: Exposure to moisture can cause coal to clump and lose its heating potential. Our coal bunkers keep your fuel dry, maintaining its quality and maximising its warmth output.

Reduced Waste: Storing coal loosely can lead to spillage and loss. Our bunkers offer a designated space for your fuel, minimising waste.

Convenience: Having a dedicated storage solution makes accessing your coal easy and convenient. 

Aesthetics: Unlike generic plastic or metal bunkers, our handcrafted wooden designs add charm and character to your garden. Their compact shape will blend with your outdoor space, compared to the unsightly mass-produced versions. 

Harrogate Log Store's Coal Bunker Solutions

We offer two sizes of coal bunkers for sale

Standard Coal Bunker: This single-compartment bunker is perfect for most homes. It measures 105cm (Width), 80cm (Depth), and 108cm (Height) (including overhang).

Double Log Store with Coal Bunker: This versatile option combines a spacious log store with a dedicated coal bunker compartment. It also provides a convenient shelf to place your kindling, shovel or any items. This model measures 190cm (Width), 172cm (Depth), and 162cm (Height), offering ample storage for both firewood and coal.

High-Quality Craftsmanship 

Each coal bunker we make in Harrogate is comprised of pressure-treated wood, ensuring exceptional durability against all weather conditions and effectively protecting against pests.  

Our designs are compact and functional, allowing them to slot neatly into various locations - your garden space, utility room, or even within your garage or shed.

Each storage unit is available in a natural finish or a choice of colours to suit your home.

Securely Store Your Coal in Harrogate

By investing in a coal bunker from The Harrogate Log Store, you can enjoy the benefits of coal while ensuring it's stored safely and efficiently. Get in touch with us today to discuss our storage options! 


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