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Double Log Store with Coal Bunker

Width: 190cm

Depth: 172cm

Height: 162cm

If you’re looking for an all-in-one fuel storage unit, look no further than our double log store with coal bunker. Offering enough space to easily store your wood and coal, with a handy shelf space to put your kindling, shovel, or any items you want, this storage unit with coal bunker is as multi-functional as it is aesthetically appealing.

Made of pressure treated wood, you can rest assured of the unit’s durability. the treated wood is highly resistant to all manner of pests, weather conditions and eventualities.

The compact design can be effortlessly slotted into any exterior building, or even placed in your garage or utility room. The perfect structure to keep everything you need for a great indoor or outdoor fire, this double log storage unit with coal bunker offers great, flexible storage space.  

Buy today for just £425 per unit 

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