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Standard Tall Log Store with Door & Kindling Shelf

Width: 92cm

Depth: 75cm

Height: 163cm

Showcasing the same great aesthetic, as with all the other standard tall log storage units in our range, but with the addition of a shelf to store kindling, this log storage unit offers compact yet comprehensive way to store your firewood.

Made of the same pressure treated wood and finished to a high standard, this log storage unit is a great way to keep your wood and kindling together. Built to meticulous standards, this storage unit adds the same rustic charm and superior functionality to any outdoor environment, whilst protecting wood and kindling from moisture and insects.


With its free-standing design and all-in-one storage capacity, this tall log storage unit with kindling shelf maximises storage space, whilst adding a touch of tasteful design aesthetic to any environment.

Buy today for just £305 per unit 

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